Our Impact

Groups equiped with entrepeneurship skills
Projects initiated with Marawak boost fund
Individuals directly reached in 2014/2015
Toilets constructed in Kibera
School constructed in Kibera

Our Projects So Far

Kibera toilet project

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Kibera still is one of the biggest informal settlement in Kenya and in Africa, with a higher number of NGO presence than any other part of Kenya. Till 2012-13 Kibera lacked proper drainage system and [...]

Save the Streets Kids Initiative

Report by Daisy Ndunge. Of street kids foundation. This event was organized by Save a Street Kid Foundation in collaboration with Metro Kenya Youth and Children with the support of Ghetto Potential to take data of [...]

The Unfit Social Football Tournament.


Football is a unique, energetic, emotive and exciting way of reaching many people. It has qualities that inspire people to focus, balance between their imagination, creativity and physical capacities at the same time promote team work, [...]

Slum Fest

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SLUM FEST is a two day forum and Festival that bringing's together young people from diverse backgrounds, drawn from various slums within Nairobi. The festival create a platform for Exhibitions of products and services offered by [...]

The Kibera Toilet Project

Raising money from as low as 10 shilling from Kibera residents, we managed to reach our target and are now proud to have constructed eight flushing toilets and a bathroom.

Kibera School Construction Project

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Nazarine school construction project. (TUMIA PAMOJA) The project was initiated by Suzie Geenen and was dedicated in raises money for Ujamaa primary school, a very poor primary school in Kibera slum. The school had about [...]

Entrepreneurship Training.


Entrepreneurship training's have proved to be a viable way of stimulating young people to tap into their potentials and energies, into engaging in income generating activities that do empower and make them independent. The company [...]

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Ghetto Potential Trust is an initiative of people living within and outside of the informal settlements / ghettos. We encourage young people to join or form youth groups / initiatives within their localities. Ghetto Potential works with the groups to take full advantage of the potential that they have individually and as a group. We encourage young people to learn from one another by exchanging ideas and experiences.  The organization also mentors them so to empower themselves using these skills and at the same time earn a decent livelihood.

Our main focus include: networking, education, arts, sports & entrepreneurship.

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“I have no intention of retaliating or looking backwards. We are going to forget the past and look forward to the future.”
Jomo Kenyatta

The Board Members

Mike Wamaya
Mike WamayaCo - Founder/ Executive Director
Peter Bouwmeester
Peter BouwmeesterCo - Founder
Betty Mulatiya
Betty MulatiyaBoard Member
Marion Wanyonyi
Marion WanyonyiBoard Member


Women in Africa’s Largest Urban Slum Are Knitting Their Way out of Poverty

Welcome to Africa’s largest urban slum: Kibera. Located in Nairobi, Kenya, it’s home to more than 250,000 people who reside in a sprawl of makeshift [...]

By | November 29th, 2015|Categories: employment|Tags: |

Mashimoni village residents decry poor state of latrines in the area

Mashimoni residents in Kibera slums are in fear due to the poor state of the latrines in the area especially during this rainy season. Source: [...]

By | November 29th, 2015|Categories: health|
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