Table banking has proven to be key initiatives that enable community groups and its members build their financial base and to start small enterprises within their localities. It has also proved to be an effective way of local resource mobilization among the group members.

Most of the groups have gone beyond financing household activities into small business creation through saving, borrowing their own money and repaying at some interest.  However most of these self-supportive groups do not have enough money to cover the high loan demand from their members and the community around them, making it hard for three and above group members to access the loans at the same time.

JIKIMU intends to bridge this gap by offering training/financial support for a lower interest (9%) to these self-supportive groups. The groups will then be provided access to easy-to-pay loans using convenient, flexible and efficient payment models to its members and the community around them. When the loan is paid back the group shares the interest in which they receive 3% of the total interest collected, this to be issued at the end of every financial year and is to be used in boosting various groups Initiatives.