Marawak Boost Fund

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Boost  fund is a  program initiated within  ghetto potential by jan van ariet and friend of Kenya living in the Netherlands  under  a  charitable organization known as MARAWAK BF and aims in boosting youth to youths lead developmental projects and education programs  within the Slums of Nairobi. Boost fund program mainly supports short term projects with a booster effect towards self reliance. Ghetto potential  recruits youth groups with briliant ideas and lack basic capital to set up this initiatives, for the boost. And also making sure that all the money is spent in a transparent way  in return  ghetto potential earns 10% of each request.


  • Boosting small youth lead activities and ventures.
  • To encouraging team work among the groups and within the community.
  • Creating independency among the organizations and the youth groups.
  • Engaging the youth so that they earn a decent livelihood.