Entrepreneurship Training.

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Project Description

Entrepreneurship training’s have proved to be a viable way of stimulating young people to tap into their potentials and energies, into engaging in income generating activities that do empower and make them independent. The company program is an initiative that was adopted from junior achievement Kenya in 2009 with an aim of reaching out to the huge number of unaccounted for youth in the informal settlements who are out of school or dint get an opportunity to be part of any learning institution. The program in implemented in partnership with juior Achievment Kenya.


-The youths get a direct link to financial opportunities.

-The training manual is basic and simplified.

-The youths get an opportunity of job shadow in established companies.

-The training engages local Challenges to identify viable income generating Opportunity.

-The youth get to understand them-selves as startup Capital.

-Transform their groups from self-help groups to community companies.