Kibera toilet project

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Project Description

Kibera still is one of the biggest informal settlement in Kenya and in Africa, with a higher number of NGO presence than any other part of Kenya. Till 2012-13 Kibera lacked proper drainage system and people relied on the pit latrines, however with the new devolution Ministry major parts of Kibera now has proper drainage system. A latrine is shared by up to 20 households. When full the waist is removed by mainly young people for a fee and at times drained to the river. Most of the community owned schools within Kibera suffers the most. Due to lack of enough space within the schools, they are forced to dig the pit latrines next to the classrooms making the children vulnerable to diseases.

The project also made a clear statement that
change in Kibera is up to the people
and not the NGOs or the Government.

In October 2014 Ghetto potential was part of a boot camp organized by One percent club and the Cheater fund. We were mandated to raise 30% of our total budget within 30 days. With our strong dedicated team we organized series of fundraisers within Kibera, raising money from as low as 10 shilling from Kibera residents. We managed to reach our target in 27 days. We used the same motivation during the contraction process in making the community members be part of key decision making.  We are now proud to have constructed eight flushing toilets and a bathroom. We have also contented the school with consistent water supply, we must say the school now has the best and clean toilet in Kibera. The toilets are also open to the public during school holidays but at a small fee and this money is used to pay the water bills.

Project Details