Save the Streets Kids Initiative

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Project Description

Report by Daisy Ndunge. Of street kids foundation.

This event was organized by Save a Street Kid Foundation in collaboration with Metro Kenya Youth and Children with the support of Ghetto Potential to take data of street kids in order to be able to group them based on their needs.  Representation at the event covered volunteers from St John’s ambulance, Me 4 You, SCYON, Metro Kenya Youth, Save a Street Kid volunteers, youths from Joy Divine Children’s home, members of Young People’s Welfare Association and former street kids.

The event kicked off well with volunteers showing up in large numbers. It started at 1200 hours and the street kids were all settled down waiting for the event to kick off. We had volunteers from St John’s ambulance who trained the kids on how to issue first aid. The event began by an opening remark from Moses who talked to the street kids about his street life, how he got out of the streets, what motivated him and where he is in life right now.

St John’s ambulance administered first aid to some of the kids who had minor injuries that needed medical attention and they also covered open wounds of the kids. They did a demonstration to the kids on how to administer first aid effectively and the kids paid attention of every single detail.

After lunch volunteers started taking data of the kids recording in books and it was successful, the kids were so cooperative that most of the volunteers were shocked at this. The total number of kids whose data was recorded summed up to 103 kids which was a good number considering it was the first time this ever happened. The oldest been a male who is 38 years old and the youngest been an 11 year old boy. Most of them have run away from home because of very minor things like disagreements with the parents or issues at school and so on.   After showcasing talents we had some reformed street kids give their testomonies to the other kids and this was very inspirational. We had one former street kid called Mwangi who cleared high school last year give his testimony. Most of the kids were really attentive to this and his story was also very inspirational and some of them wanted to be like him. Volunteers proceeded to take data of the street kids under the supervision of Daisy. This was a success as many kids cooperated and were opening up to the volunteers giving reasons on why they ended up in the streets and what their resolution is. The data collected was of 103 kids and we had some who couldn’t open up.  The kids were given milk, bananas and clothes were also shared amongst them. The ladies were given sanitary towels and given most of the clothes to share amongst the kids.



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