The Unfit Social Football Tournament.

The Unfit Social Football Tournament.2018-02-23T00:40:17+00:00

Project Description

Football is a unique, energetic, emotive and exciting way of reaching many people. It has qualities that inspire people to focus, balance between their imagination, creativity and physical capacities at the same time promote team work, discipline, responsibility and achievement. To many especially young people, the sport is an attractive, accessible and engaging way of interacting with each other, a universal language that knows no barriers.

Success in any sport is very fulfilling, empowering and inspiring thus engagement in sporting activities has the capacity to promote the above development goals making sports a fantastic developmental intervention medium.

Ghetto Potential prides itself with the ability to  innovative an interesting developmental methodologies that engage communities in an inclusive, participatory and creative way. Ghetto potential  has established reliable structures, experiences and good will from a reliable network of partners comprising of youth groups, educational institutions and community based Non Governmental Organisations. Using Arts and Sports project we mobilizes  young people assist them and their communities identify and collectively seek solutions to developmental challenges that diminish communities and their members capacity to realize their full potential.

The event is held annually on various themes and mainly rely on support from various partners, Please do contact if interested in being part of the upcoming tournament.

Project Details